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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 21, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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news around the bay this horning a candlelight vigil was held at vallejo city hall for the slain police officer james capoteot. he was
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shot and killed while in duty. on thursday according to the police he was in pursuit of a suspect and he turned and shot him. on saturday his family visited the police tight and they released--the police tried and then a bank this community for its contributions. >>james: the ongoing occupy protesters in the bay area is that not losing any steam. these protesters blocked traffic and, the federal reserve bank as they mounted their protests. meanwhile until early sunday morning they were camped out how the bank cellphone video shows officers confronted protesters about 1:00 a.m. yesterday. six people were
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arrested, one person was taken away in an ambulance. >>reporter: police officers stand guard in front of the federal reserve building on sunday morning. for several weeks protesters occupied 101 market street most were camped out until early saturday morning officers cleared out demonstrators and there tents the area is not empty and bordered with barricades. police say they're still on good terms with most protesters here and they maintain a presence around the camp protesters say that they're working on their next move. >> we are merging with ideas on how we can get together and keep it occupation going and continue to derive and put forward this powerful message of the 99%. >>reporter: some protesters do not agree with how the camp is evolving.
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>> they're running around scattered disillusioned most people do not know what is going on. >> we have not had made people that, and feel safe around our area many people deny even realize what we are here for they think this is a homeless shelter or a feeding program or somewhere to just be. >>justine: we have new details about the occupy protest at uc-davis. the video that you're looking at now is one that a witness captured as an officer pepper spray protesters directly in the faces. this happened on friday while the protesters were sitting on the ground now the uc-davis chancellor has placed the two officers involved on administrative leave. the university's faculty association says that is not good enough. members of the group won the chancellor to step down. the chancellor
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says that she will meet or protesters to talk about police procedure later on today. this response comes after it filed a protest outside the building saturday night. the chancellor and her chief of police remain inside for hours after protesters quietly waited outside. finally the to be merged to head home for the night. >>james: a new occupy oakland campsite set up saturday night and are getting cleared by police it happened early sunday at 19th and telegraph a few blocks away from city hall. >>reporter: yellow crime scene tape and police squad cars line the street of this uptown neighborhood of officers in riot helmets and hands made their presence felt around the lot that was taken over by protesters on saturday. this shows occupy protesters taking down the chain link fence that used to surround the property and these are some of the estimated 20 tents that were put up. residents around the
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encampment said they got very little sleep in action to the noise residence then that people who live here were made to feel unsafe about the protesters. >> some of them want to reap violence against the residence because we happen to live and what they think is a luxury condos. >>reporter: this lot is vacant want to give the police ordered the character to clear out the tents at 1:00 a.m.. they say it happened peacefully. after that steelworkers came in to clean up the park. >> this is occupy the world, we will make a change. we are getting people to wake up, people have been daydreaming and long time we are about to wake him up. spokesperson says that they will maintain their present --their presence there to
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prevent them from occupying that area again. >>james: at snow park the police moved in and hear them out. this left most occupy protesters without a place to occupy. prior to that about any protesters held the general assembly meeting in front of city hall to plan their next move. it is unsure what they are going to do with this shows the market to a nearby church to wrap up their meeting last night. we will keep you updated on their plans. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 morning news this monday. we take a look at the freeway, there are not a lot of cars out there. we have to take a quick break and we will be right back. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive.
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symbol. investigators said the 27 year old man went to target police cars, post offices and even u.s. troops that were returning home. the mayor talked about the importance of remaining vigilant more than two years after 9/11. >> there have been at least 13 previous terror attacks since 9/11 targeting new york city, this would be the 14th. because of such repeated threats, the nypd remains focused on preventing another terrorist attack. we a star and 1000 police officers to counterterrorism duty to every single day. this is just another case where our precautions paid off. >>justine: investigators believe the suspect was working alone he is being held without bail. who have more on this story coming up at 4:30 a.m.. >>james: we will take a quick break and we come back we have a full check of
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whether this morning and a live look from mt. tam showing san francisco. we are clear with a chance of patchy fog this morning. at this point it looks like a thanksgiving holiday could be a wet one. we will get the forecast coming up with erica.
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[music] >>erica: good morning and welcome back to the kron4 morning news. but we are checking look at the beit bridge it is a clear and dry start to this day. the temperatures are cooler right outside your door. in the north bay we are about 10 degrees cooler compared to where we were yesterday at about this hour. as we enter the overnight hours the patchy fog will return to the inland valleys and we will, wind speed and june at about 8 mi. per hour. take a look at your temperatures
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run outside to door.--right outside your door. the only location that could get up to the '60s is probably mountain view. the south bay will be flirting with the upper 50s. up into the north bay we will see plenty of sunshine this afternoon and mid-50s for the most part, 57 expected for santa rosa. 55 for navato and apple and the same goes for downtown san francisco. as i stepped out of the way, the yellow and green on your screen indicate to rainfall heading to the bay area. it will impact the bay area's first and i went still have the orange color that indicates moderate to heavy rain. >>erica: and then by 11:00
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p.m. you could see the rain becomes more widespread, but you will continue to see heavy downpours as we head into the overnight hours for your thanksgiving thursday. your seven there around the bay forecast that we will have a little bit of sunshine for the next couple of days. wednesday we will be introduced the wet weather to forecast. when will see a practical watch out for most of the day. thursday is pretty much the same story we have heavy wind and rain dominating the forecast. we could see some some wrinkles into friday morning as well. work on--it some sprinkles into friday morning as well. we see a few more cars compared to our last report. but traffic is moving well-metering lights to deal with. the drive time is running under nine minutes. over at the san mateo bridge were good to go in both directions.
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the bright lights coming toward sure his east bound into hayward and the golden gate bridge south bound 101 we still see a lot of space in between cars. this drive is under 24 minutes cannot navato toward san francisco. over at the track match to focus in on south bay conditions you'll see patches of slowing along 280. wher--for the most part north bound 101 looks good. if you're coming down a 80 he looks good to go in both directions. >>james: thank you erica. and with the arrival of the rainy season, san francisco has been making a big push to find and fix potholes. >>reporter: wet weather often turns small pot holes into big ones. >> alive our roadways are old and deteriorating when
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it is raining outside the moisture gets into the cracks and forms a pothole. >>reporter: san francisco department of public works are trying to fill as many as they can right now. >> we are trying to prepare for the winter rain. >>reporter: annually they receive more than 13,000 requests from the public to fix potholes. the city spends about $3 million every year servicing the roadways. while this latest effort is going on public works wants to remind drivers the lane closures and delays are possible across the city. >> we are asking motorists to drive slow since we will be working throughout the winter. >>james: dungeon this crab season is underway, the season is put san francisco crab fishermen are not yet dropping their crab pots, they say boat owners have not agreed on this season's
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price. the two sides are still in negotiations, the hope to have a price set by this week. last season was prosperous. >>justine: last week we reported the republican candidate herman cain was receiving secret service protection this morning we are finding out why. >>reporter: when and why certain presidential candidacy this secret service protection may seem like a big mystery fish-- sources inside the government confirmed that herman cain has found an unspecified number of threats. apparently some of them have been online. this author wrote about the secret service and he said just a suggestion the harm that this i have to be specific enough to get the service involved. >> generally is a matter of
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threats, the secrecy of lives does not like to say that i am sure that in this case if there were threats just like there were with president barak obama. they were not specific credible threats but there were threats on the internet. >>reporter: house democratic leader nancy pelosi and the senate republican leader responded saying they did not discuss any aspect of security. that is probably how mccain campaign should of had the question but they did not by telling the
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washington post that he was getting a secret service detail because of his intense media coverage. they quickly changed his story and federal sources denied a media coverage had anything to do with fee-for-service protection the service would not comment but kessler says that does not even sound right. >> they are not core fire security guards they're there to prevent a salt and assassinations so i am sure the secret service was a little displeased to hidden describe the protection in that way. >>justine: the secret service began protecting the president after president william mckinley was assassinated in the fall of 1901. they extended it to a major candidates after the assassination of robert kennedy in 1968. >>james: we have a break and a live look over san francisco this morning is colder out there that it was
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yesterday. when we come back, we have the latest on capitol hill or the debt super committee is still deadlocked this morning it looks like the markets will react strongly negative when the opening bell opens at 6:30 a.m.. we will have the latest coming up this morning. [music]
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>>james: the deadline had arrived in there is no deal yet. congress panel build the super committee will announce that there were kept in unsuccessfully. wednesday there should be cut across-the-board and spread evenly over the next nine years divided equally between the defense and
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nondefense spending has about $55 billion annually for each category. >>justine: president barak obama plans to sign a bill today helping veterans find work. the legislature create tax breaks for companies hiring jobless veterans. it beefed up job training and counseling programs. it also requires the federal state and local governments to withhold 3% of their payments to contractors. newt gingrich is pitching an alternative to a social security for younger workers the former house speaker said he will allow some to choose private accounts. newt gingrich says his plan will reduce inequality between workers to pay into social security as the sole retirement account and higher income workers who
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benefit from private funds. >>james: we have a look at the seven day around the bay we are taking a look at the wet weather. by wednesday, we will see some rain coming down both of that day and possibly thursday as well. maybe with some lingering showers going into the first half of friday and then we tried out again for the week in the temperatures begin to climb slightly cooked thanksgiving is on everyone's mind. and it looks like it will be damp one. fear is a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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@p@po' >>james: we are back, let us check the weather for you at our roof camera we're looking at downtown san francisco and on the right can--camera we are looking not at mt. tam. it is cold
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out there. >>erica: i want to take the roof camera and show all the lights in downtown san francisco, no-fault to speak of this morning we have some gusty wind that is pushing the fog out. as we head into the afternoon we will see most locations sitting in the '50s. it will in a cold afternoon with the news is that we will see plenty of sunshine. as we head into the middle of the weaker we have some wet weather to talk about but you will see that in your extended forecast. it looks like navato is the coolest spot around the bay area coming in at 39 degrees, 48 for oakland and the st. redwood city. as we check out how much colder if today compared to yesterday morning take a look at santa rosa. it is eight degrees cooler, 11 degrees for those and navato, at about 9 degrees cooler at half moon bay. you can see along the coastline of the to the north bay it is
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significantly cooler if you are heading up the will definitely needed jacket with the good news is that you can certainly leave your umbrella at home. all of the purple on your screen indicate some locations holding on to the upper 30's of for the most part along the peninsula down into the south bay and in the valleys you will see some 40 out there. 5:11 a.m. all this gloom on your screen shows that we will have some rain in the bay area. >>erica: be are working with a pretty tight range. up into the north bay will cn lot of 50--up into the north
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they will see the temperatures in the '50s. your seven day round of a forecast-of sunshine for the next couple of days wednesday is a completely different story be introduced wet weather into the forecast for the afternoon hours. thursday a look by the rain is widespread a little heavier with gusty wind. you could wake up to some drizzle on friday morning with the good news is as we head into the afternoon be see more sunshine and temperatures for the most part sitting in the low 60s. on to traffic in the hot spots to tell you about the chp traffic log is pretty empty. we shall the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is nice and quiet. no way at the toll plaza flats. traffic is moving will up the incline and across the upper deck. your san until bridge right in both directions looking pretty good. the golden gate bridge south bound 101 has a lot of space in between cars, the traffic is moving at the limit the dry times under 24 minutes coming out of navato toward san francisco. a quick check
4:33 am
from the traffic maps show the bayshore freeway moving freely and the green on your screen indicates these moving 50 mi. per hour. interstate 280 nice and easy no accidents to report. if you are taking the dunbarton this morning we had a couple of lanes closed in both directions. >>james: here are some other headlines for live, a man and use of modern terrorist attacks in new york and new jersey is waking up in jail this morning. this 27 year old was denied bail at a court hearing last night. we have details on the charges against him >>reporter: reporter this the man pleased to try to stop pipe bombs across new york city. he is the new york citizen born in the dominican republic. >> he talked about bombing post offices and police offices in new york city as
4:34 am
well as one in new jersey. >>reporter: police put together this video of what he was accused of trying to pull off. investigators said the try to make a pipe bomb like this one following instructions from a well- known al qaeda publication called inspired. >> reading these recipes off internet id is not have to be from inspire, but a host of them did not make you a bomb maker either. it is not clear if he could then it one that would work. >>reporter: they say he is a follower of the radical american born that was killed back in september are more likely. >>reporter: n.y. police say they have been watching him since may of 2009 the only active now when he allegedly started to build a pipe bomb.
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>>james: his attorney says his mind is not match the profile of someone that would commit terrorism and the case against him is not as strong as prosecutors say it is. >>justine: and new details about the occupy protesters uc-davis. it when is captured the video of an officer pepper spray protesters directly in the faces on friday. now the chancellor of uc-davis placed the officers involved on administrative leave with the university's faculty association says that is just not good enough. members of the group will purchase step down the chancellor said that she will meet with protesters to talk about police procedure later on today. current month is response comes after a silent protest outside of a building on saturday night. the chancellor and her chief of police remain inside for
4:36 am
hours passed a protesters waiting for them quite the outside. finally, the to be merged and headed home for the night. >>james: the ongoing occupy protesters not losing any steam in the bay. in san francisco have been cleared out of some parts of the city but they continue to fight. protesters blocked traffic as they mounted the latest protest until early sunday morning they were in camp outside of it and cellphone video showed officers confronted the protesters about rock 18 him. six people were arrested for resisting and one person was taken away and an ambulance. a new occupy oakland campsite set up saturday was already clear out by the police yesterday. police moved in and took down the still park in kama overnight. the clearing of both have left most occupy protesters without a place to occupy.
4:37 am
>>james: i am not clear at this point what they're going to do but as you can see the protesters later marched to a nearby church to wrap up their meeting. and a while fire that forced thousands to flee has now been fully contained. more than 1,900 a. has been burned. no official cause yet but officials flee that power lines were knocked down by still force winds. crews have been working to put out those hot spots in the area. and a man that stole a drawing from the san francisco art gallery is expected to be sentenced to 16 months in california in jail before he heads to new york to face separate charges there. >>justine: a candlelight vigil was held a vallejo city hall for the slain
4:38 am
police officer james capoot. the 19 year veteran of the force was shot and killed on thursday while in line of duty. he was on foot searching for a man that was suspected of robbing a bank of america branch on thursday when according to the police the suspect turned and fatally shot him. saturday his family visited the memorial that was set up in front of the vallejo police headquarters. they also released a statement thanking the community for its support is than their acknowledgement of half officer capoot contributions. will take a quick break as we take a live look out fiaside.
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>>justine: we could learn more about the penn state child rape accusations. accusations that the former football this thing go to bulgaria--jerry sandusky sexually abused boys on campus. the panel is trying to decide if he allegedly-- >>james: and world news, 20 people have been killed. the protesters are demanding the company's military rule quickly transfer power to the civilian government. a health ministry supports the 1750 people have been
4:42 am
wounded since those clashes began. we're record crew they started late in 2012 or early 2013 with the protesters on the screen want to announce a precise data. it would like it much sooner. harley entry of china unhand and spacecraft will prepare it was opened today in beijing the capsule was launched on november 1st and land in the interim on goalie and the last week for--landed in the inter mongollia last week. the reentry capsule and has handed over space technology. there will be unloading items and reinstalling equipment. >>justine: we will take a
4:43 am
quick break on the kron4 morning news we have a live outside san francisco at what is happening and james live freely. we still want to talk about the rain that is coming in just in time for thanksgiving which scares.--which figures. more on that and the weather for today and we have sports highlights. we will be right back.
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>>james: we have just been coming up focusing on the
4:47 am
weather. >>justine: it seems like it will be the coldest day of the week rain is moving in just in time for thanksgiving was born on? what is going on erica? >>erica: temperatures will will not get out of the mid- 50s today. we could have a couple spots flirting with 60 degrees. this have to take it as weeks see it.--we just have to take it as we see it. like what we said, right now we are clear and dry we have 37 degrees for navato, 31 for santa rosa and about one degree cooler into napa. some of our warmer locations are over into the east bay. into the afternoon, we are really
4:48 am
going to be working with a tight range of temperatures. in fact 15 look to be the common number for oakland in redwood city. half moon bay is only coming in at 54 degrees. we will see upper 50s in the south bay we could squeeze out 60 for those in our view and up into the north bay will see some sunshine and temperatures running in the mid-50s. 57 on tap for santa rosa about one degree cooler through san raphael. as we make our way through the cold weather we have some wet weather to talk about as we get closer to wednesday. as i stepped out the way of this yellow and green on your screen it does indicate what what they're infiltrating the north bay. closer to 17 you can see the yellow and orange that if cutting the bay area and half approaching the golden gate bridge and moving this way and to lease they like oakland. by 11:00 p.m. the wet weather becomes more widespread in a little more intense and the south bay. we will continue to see will weather as we head into the
4:49 am
overnight hours and that includes thanksgiving as well. you will see that on your seven they run the forecast in the meantime we will be dry with sunny skies in to the afternoon wednesday is a completely different story. everything changes as we introduce the wet weather into the afternoon hours in the truck all day thursday we could see not only heavy rain and heavy and gusty wind as well. for the most part on friday will be dry with some showers in nearly morning hours kitkat saturday and sunday with the a little bit more sunshine and temperatures running in the low 60s. one last check for this hour, more cars are building up at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza but still no wait, traffic is moving will from all three of the approaches. the drive time has not changed. over at the end to the bridge we have more to life on the right-hand side of your screen the the accidents or incidents
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their new music store said to take on itunes. >> this is about the cloud, about the web at about mobile. >>gabe: but it is now live and free for anyone to use. you can stream music to your computer and android devices it is like googles version of itunes. you can download the music player and that live on your computer like itunes. you can add old existing songs on your computer to your google music manager. the prices are similar to itunes, most
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songs are around 995 and buying a whole album will reduce the cost. you can access all of your songs through the google streaming cloud service on other computers, android phones or tablets you can access your music in this into it. here's the big news today apple and amazon charged yearly fees for their streaming service and googles is free. for a limited time they're offering some pretty good music for free some popular bands like rolling stone, drake, cold plate, and many more. >>justine: cold weather is one of our big stories even though it is clear which is a live look from our roof camera is cold. we will be right back.
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you can see they're dipping below 40 if you have to navato you have 37. most everybody else is in the low to mid-40s. but on the right-hand side you can see the golden gate bridge and the low that i think that is our roof. everything is very clear and very cold. going into the overnight hours to is radiated off into space. some parts we see cloudy and cold conditions with some patchy fog but a fogbit of the bay
5:01 am
area is seeing some patchy fog. we will stay dry for the next couple of days at least. we may have a grainy or wet thanksgiving. now here are the temperature is right now. i would not be surprised next couple of hours if both these locations dropped into the upper '30's. as for what this compares to yesterday at this time we are quite a bit cooler. navato was the cold temperature is 11 degrees cooler than nine degrees cooler at half moon bay. now let us talk about
5:02 am
where is the fog and cloud coverage is. to the north and out to the east that is where we see the cloud coverage this morning. expect to see some of that engine had out the door. this afternoon we warm up if you want to call it that into the upper fifties and low 60 throughout most of the bay. >>james: across the north bay it is even cooler than that. >>james: as for san francisco you are looking at 55, partly codifies and dry conditions. now i will give you a hit, we have rain that is expected to kick in on
5:03 am
wednesday. let us get caught up on traffic with george. >> george: we have a pretty quiet start to the morning commute now there was a stall reported on the upper deck of the bay bridge. even though there is one lane block, it is not likely that it will create any huge problems except that the vehicle had a mechanical failure so it may take some time to clear. i do not think this will be a problem for your morning commute. continuing our bridge check we will look at the ride through the san mateo bridge, good conditions here for 92, problem free in either direction. the golden gate bridge ride looks good to and from. and looking at your east bay right as we pick up the traffic centers on our maps and you see that the ease the traffic look good, 680 is fine right down to the 580 interchange. the
5:04 am
south bay freeway has some work in the southbound direction for interstate 280 that is the non commuter direction. for the north bay, we have a pretty good ride for you, south bound no major delays and there was overnight work that is picking up now we should be problem free within one minute or two minutes for the south bound 101 ride. >> mark: a developing story in oakland for the first time in weeks there is no occupy oakland encampment. at midnight the police moved in and told the protesters sesno park to remove their tents and leave. >>reporter: occupy protesters are still in the area not on the park but right next to it. you can see them behind me on the sidewalk. at the park are city workers whose job is to clean up the place it is nothing that should take all day. also at the park are
5:05 am
police officers in a couple of cars are around the place to make sure the occupy protesters to not returned. it seems like they're in no hurry, there are complying and for now they're on the sidewalk talking with each other's thinking about what to do with the next step. reporting from oakland i am will tran with kron4 news. >> darya: occupy protesters at the uc davis campus were doused with pepper spray. you can see it happening in our video, in which is captured the video of an officer using pepper spray on this line of protesters as they sit right there on the ground. he is using a very close-up as he is playing them and now uc- davis chancellor has placed two of the officers involved on administrative leave with the university's faculty association says that is not good enough. members of that group won the chancellor to step down. the chancellor said that they will meet with protesters to talk about the police
5:06 am
procedure later on today. this comes after a silent protest outside the building on saturday night were the chancellor and her chief of police remained inside for hours as the protesters waited outside and finally when they emerged, you can see them walking out amongst the protesters to head home. >> mark: this man remains in police custody after his arraignment on terrorism charges, authorities say that he had a pipe bomb on saturday when arrested in new york. the man described by the city mayor as and al qaeda sympathizers accused of plotting to put bombs in n.y. city post office and police departments as well. residents say they're shocked to learn what could happen in their neighborhood. >> i use to see him every day he was say hello, what is up?
5:07 am
>> the building is very quiet and you do not hear anything strange in you do not see anything strange. >> i am very scared because i have kids so imagine if something happened here. very scary. >> mark: the mayor michael blumberg says that it appears that he was not under any conspiracy. >> darya: the time now is 5:07 a.m. we will be back with more of but let us take a look at the san mateo bridge everything is clear and it is cold out there as we head into thanksgiving week we will be right back. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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keeping eye on the dow futures. they are down pretty low. and friday, we had the worst weekly loss since september. the
5:11 am
deadline has arrived in there is no deal. the deficit in congress dubbed it the super committee said the panel work has ended unsuccessfully. failure to recognize 1.2 trillion dollars in budget savings by this wednesday that was supposed to trigger spending cuts to conquer that. there will start in 2013 and be spread evenly over the next nine years. >> darya: president obama plans to sign a bill today to create tax cuts for companies that hire veterans. >> mark: will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. we have a lot of
5:12 am
snow on a lot of the road and we will have more on that and following the devastating wildfire he i will have details after this
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
>>darya: a mass of wild fire has forced thousands to leave their homes. it is now contained. you can see but firefighters were working lift more than 1,900 a. burned in reno. they suspected the power lines knocked down by a deal force winds are was sparked and that fire. they want to prevent mudslides in the area. >>mark: watching bay area weather, james fletcher has more on the thanksgiving forecast.
5:16 am
>>james: here is a live look from mt. tam. twinkling lights out there. here is what we see for our weather over the next 24 hours. this morning, chilly. a for forties and thirties. temperatures should get into the upper 50s, it will be a cool and dry afternoon. hajji fog and, winds overnight.--patchy fog and calm winds overnight. >>james: in the north bay is where we see our coldest temperatures. a chilly start. this afternoon, upper 50s around most of the day. as a scroll to the north bay
5:17 am
you will see we have mid- upper 50s, barely anything approaching 60. and then, things changed. by midweek, a lot of activity to the north heading towards seattle, portland and the greater washington and oregon state. this will move our way as we head into wednesday. we are expecting wet weather on wednesday and thanksgiving thursday. by 4:00 p.m., light, moderate and heavy showers in the north day periods--heavy showers in the north bay. by 11:00 p.m. the cold front will push through giving everyone around the bay a wet evening and in early thursday morning and wet weather as well. here is
5:18 am
what we see in the 7 day around the bay. beyond thursday, things are looking better rapidly. it is cold and wet beginning on wednesday.
5:19 am
>>george: your ride on the golden gate bridge is good with no delays northbound or southbound. the crews have finished the reconfiguration of the lanes. checking a traffic mabs, we will look first at your ride through the east bay. it is still pretty good and we are still a problem free for interstates 580, 68880. in the south bay there are so construction delays for 280 but that is it. those will still likely clara before the commute gets into full swing. there are problems on 152 in south county. that is just west of highway 101. a tree is down. in marin county, there are no delays between nevada, center fell into the golden gate bridge. your problem free ollie down to the toll plaza.
5:20 am
>>darya: when you fill up your vehicle, this is what he faced. bay area and gas prices are down nationwide. here is the latest survey from of the weekend. san francisco has an average of $3.78.
5:21 am
>>mark: the 49ers won their game yesterday, the raiders also won their game, but there were a lot of penalties in the game. coach hugh jackson said some of the calls against the team more unfair. the raiders were penalized 12 times for 117 yds. >>darya: we could learn more about the penn state child abuse allegations today. a news conference at announced. penn state has been the focus of international attention with the accusations that this for our football assistant coach jerry sandusky or raped young boys in the showers at the campus. the panel investigating and will determine whether staff and administrators and deliberately failed to inform police of these allegations. head coach joe
5:22 am
paterno and the president of the university were fired earlier this morning. >>mark: it is cold and foggy outside right now, we will be right back with more. before
5:23 am
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5:26 am
>>darya: noon feeding his pitching an alternative force as a security. he would allow some members of workforces to put
5:27 am
>>mark: of more than 30 people have been killed in clashes between police and protesters in egypt. the protesters are demanding that transfer the power to a civilian government agency. you can see police attacking protesters. the health ministry report about 1750 people have been wounded since the clashes began on saturday. the military has a timetable that places the transfer of our sneakers-- late next year or in 2013. japan has approved a $156 billion extra budget to fund reconstruction after the march 11th disaster in the nuclear crisis. here is video of the economic damage. decontamination of areas affected by radiation. it also will cover areas that were flattened by the tsunami. nearly 20,000
5:28 am
people were left dead or missing. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes, think you for waking up with the kron4 morning is this morning morning-just as monday morning before assisting. fell everyone is stocking up for things given various flight now it is clear and cold. we have lanes coming for thanksgiving. right now in oakland is 48 with a high of 50 this afternoon to. for haag who perhaps call
5:29 am
couldn't half for which he
5:30 am
hall corn and and and >>yoli: it is very cold out here. i regret not putting on an extra layer. if anyone is working out in the field,
5:31 am
put on an extra layer >>darya: new this morning, a developing story out of oakland, the san mateo bridge the, for the first time in weeks, there is no occupy oakland in can incurious at midnight police officers moved in and told protesters at snow to remove their tents and to leave. will tran is live there this morning in takes a look at what things are like right now. >>will: loss occupiers are still in the area, you can see them behind me on the sidewalk, three-four of them. at the park are city workers are cleaning of furious there is nothing that should take all day. also at the talks, park police officers, they want to make sure that occupiers did not return. it seems like they are complying. for now they are just on the
5:32 am
sidewalk talking about each other in thinking about what to do. >>darya: occupy oakland protesters are going to hold a coordinated shutdown of ports from the entire the shutdown is set for monday, december 12th. here is video from december 2nd when the port of oakland was shut down. protesters are arguing that the 1 percent have disrupted the lives of longshoremen and truck drivers. >>james: it is impossible thanksgiving rain. >>james: here is a live look from the san mateo bridge. we have cold temperatures
5:33 am
this morning and a lack of cloud cover for causing temperatures to drop this month. let's talk about what we are expecting weather wise. no bottle is the cold spot this morning at 37. do not be surprised if we see upper 30s in napa before the end of the morning. in san francisco, currently 47 degrees. that is the same temperature and into out in the livermore. fat across the bay area that is cold and it was yesterday here has 11 degrees colder this morning a whole hours ago. there is a definite hornets in the year the will be dealing with. from this afternoon will keep things cool. across the north a it
5:34 am
will be cold. mid-50s and generally warming to maybe 59 years fairfield. for the most part 55 of the. soft talked at >>james: it will be wet wednesday and thursday. on friday, the first half could be well as we say goodbye to the last fifth of that system.
5:35 am
>>george: the commute is looking pretty well. it is a stall on the westbound bay bridge. traffic is still moving very smoothly approaching the toll plaza coming in from the macarthur maze. your ride on the san mateo bridge is a pretty good as well. westbound and eastbound traffic looks good. no problem for your commute to or from foster city. on the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound is a late freeze hit an easy commute. sphene hikes after a quick check from the east bay and south bay freeways. for the ride on 80 westbound, an easy 16-80 minute drive time from the phillies in berkeley. delay free for 101 northbound. the
5:36 am
marine commute still looks good with no delays there either. just west of gilroy, 152 is still close to this morning and likely to be until 6:00 a.m.. >>mark: the chancellor for uc-davis placed the two officers would have restored protesters on a mission to leave. the faculty association says and does not been enough. >>darya: a candlelight vigil her half was held last
5:37 am
night for the 19 year old veteran of the millbrae police who shot and killed on wednesday. he was in full pursuit of a man suspected of robbing a bank of america. police say the suspect shot and killed the officer. his family release a standing in the community for their support and acknowledgement. henry smith of fairfield is the man suspected of fatally shooting officer, and he is in custody in. he is expected to be arraigned this afternoon at 1:30 p.m.. >>justine: and greg haugen from the seattle mariners has been stabbed to death. his brother is now under arrest. phfft he was 24
5:38 am
years old. will be right back.
5:39 am
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5:41 am
>>james: this morning is chilly in the colder than yesterday. temperatures in the '40's and of the 30's are now. mostly sunny this afternoon. we're looking for dry, 50 degree weather. this evening, patchy fog and calm winds. sniffle look at your weather coming up a little bit. >>mark: dow futures of 142 points. the time now is 5:41 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
5:42 am
yelets since cox cnn half how warm ahead had all north
5:43 am
tom tool id whe and when
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5:45 am
>>mark: more on the man accused of plotting terror attacks in new york and new jersey. he was denied bail at a court hearing last nice. rick benson has details. >>reporter: this is the man police say planned to set of white bombs across new york city and new jersey. he is a u.s. citizen, or the dominican republic in converted to islam. >> he talked about bombing post offices and police cars as well as a police station. >>reporter: police the together at this video of what he is accused of trying to pull off. investigators say he tried to make a pipe bomb like this when, following instructions from a well-known al-qaeda publication.
5:46 am
>> having these recipes of the internet, it does not have an effective bomb maker. it is not clear if he could hardly detonated a bomb that would have worked. luckily will will not have to run an experiment. >>reporter: they say he is an al-qaeda sympathizer and a fan of al-awalki. >> the suspect was a lone wolf, motivated by his only segment of the president of america's iraq and afghanistan as well as inspired by al-qaeda propaganda a. this >>reporter: in new york police say they have been watching him since may of 2009 and acted when he began building the type bombs. >>mark: and his attorneys as he does not match the profile also hellholes commit terrorist health risks he faces five charges including criminal possession of a weapon al
5:47 am
listened or providing a fourth or terrorism. this house >>darya: we are so well your choosing to layer 4 news. she is is a look at this will have ferias rojas said ladas evil are on vacation. it will be in like new date. it is to be out there. >>james: it is. here is what things like torture wise. as expected, nasa has joined the ranks occurred of nevada. to fairfield in the upper thirties this morning. san francisco, 46. 44 in hayward and fremont. slightly warmer in antioch at 47 degrees. it is a mixed bag of cloud cover. in some areas, fairly clear skies and that is where we are seeing our coldest
5:48 am
temperatures. in other areas where we have cloud cover, temperatures are in the mid '40's. we are not intending to much in the way of cooling hearing ahead temperatures this afternoon will warm into the mid-upper 50s for most of the bay. we are looking for a perfidies along most of the upper inland valleys. like i have been saying, we are looking for dry conditions for the next couple of days. then, we have a mess to the north that should die down by wednesday. that will bring rain and colder weather. future cast 4 is set for 4:00 p.m.. we are expecting
5:49 am
light, moderate or even have the rain beginning to appear. the cold front will slide to the sow by 7:00 p.m. and it involves the entire north bay, even portions of the peninsula and the east bay. as you head into the old line in the evening hours the storm passes through. we will be itself of moderate-heavy rain. since call wednesday will be ethanol out. does this extended to midnight there is a mournful, thanksgiving and beyond call mark we will keep our eyes on the hall of a forecast. hi expect wet weather in. on friday, we begin to improve.
5:50 am
>>george: there are no problems for alameda or contra costa counties. coming in on two of five, you could hit some delays. there is a report of an accident at the 2 05-580
5:51 am
interchange. the south bay freeways look good especially 85 through the south valley coming up to the coyote valley. the marin ride is still a smooth and quick one southbound from 37 down to the golden gate bridge. public transit, there are no delays or problems syrians >>mark: the man who sold a call blow picasso drawing is said to be sentenced today. mark lugo claimed guilty in october and is expected to be sentenced to 16 months before being extradited to new york to face the support of the left guard is there. this sketch was worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars. >>darya: authorities say that inmates are using social networks and smart phone to harass and their victims or accusers and to intimidate witnesses.
5:52 am
california corrections officials to monitor social networking sides say that they have found many instances where inmates taunted victims or made unwanted sexual advances. california approved a law bringing up to six months in jail for corrections employees or visitors whose mobile phones in to state prisons and inmates caught with phones can lose up to 180 days of early release credit. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 morning news continues. has a live look from our roof camera and san francisco. temperatures right now or near freezing.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
>>mark: >>erica: some of the biggest names in music stepped down for the american music awards. nikki minaj opened the show and took home to ama's. taylor's left to con artists of the year award and was handed a total of three awards. adele one favorite female artist. >>darya: it is a great day for fans of michael jackson, the late king of calls new album is released today. fuel here 42 jackson hits on this deluxe 2 cd version. it is the soundtrack to the circus the late michael jackson, the mortal world tour. the first half of the
5:57 am
twilight finale had a huge opening, $139.5 million. worldwide, the launch was worth 283.5 million. the dancing penguins sequel, happy 10th 2 cold and 22 million.--half the seatppy feetd then the immortals pulled in 12.3 million. >>mark: and that is breaking on par 1. >>darya: yes. since coffee
5:58 am
cl if if you higgins back
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